Why Don’t We – The Best Boy Band Out There

Are you sick of listening to the same old playlist over and over again? Need some new workout music? or maybe just a new boy band to obsess over? (sorry, 1D). Then I have the perfect solution for you.

Welcome to my favourite boy band: “Why Don’t We.”

Why Don’t We – or also known as WDW – are a bunch of hella good looking boisss who are between ages 17-20 years old. The band is fairly new and they’ve only been together for a few years.

So who is in the band anyways? Well, man, i’m glad you asked.

Lemme introduce ya to my personal favourite – and possibly my future husband – Daniel Seavey. I first fell in love with this fella when he was a contestant on American Idol. Click here to drool over his IG.

Daniel Seavey (yes I took this photo, and no it was not zoomed in, I was actually this close)

Anyways, the other member’s names are Jonah Frantzich, Corbyn Besson, Jack Avery and Zach Herron.

My top three favourite songs by them are:

  1. Trust Fund Baby

2. 8 Letters

3. Hooked

Iv’e also had the privilege to see them live in concert about a year ago and almost touched one of their hands and died. No literally, I almost died, their fans are insane. I got trampled and stepped on during the concert and bruised the next day.

If you wanna check ’em out here’s their website http://whydontwemusic.com/home/

The Best Highlight That Isn’t Even a Highlight

There’s nothing I enjoy more than playing with make up, and recently I’ve discovered the best product to use as a highlight and it isn’t even a highlighter.


The other day I was in Lush and was checking out their make up products when one of their employees approached me and started talking about their make up highlighter. I wasn’t really interested in highlight however I saw she had this golden shimmer on her cheekbone and I asked her if she used the Lush highlighter on her face.

Her Response???

NO! she actually used the sunnyside bubble bar. It’s so full of glimmer that she just playfully stroke the bubble bar with her finger and applied it to her face. In awe, I bought one too and now this is what I use for my highlight.


In the span of 5 hours iv’e received so many compliments on my highlight and each time I giggle and explain that it is actually a bubble bar. The bonus? When you are sick of using it as a highlight, or when the glimmer runs out (if that is at all possible) you can throw it in the bath and relaxxx.

How do I apply this fabulous product? I simply use my finger and dab on my cheekbone and nose, or else use a small make up brush.

It’s so fun to use but beware because you’ll get glimmer everywhere!

Coloured Hairstyles you NEED to Try

Are you sick of boring hair? Feeling like you need a change? Here are three coloured hairstyles that I have done, and why I love them. BTW, all of these hairstyles require bleaching your hair prior to adding colour (unless you are a natural blonde then lucky you)

1. Unicorn Hair

Unicorn hair or aka rainbow hair are multiple pastel colours that are dyed in sections or strands. Some people only put these colours towards their bottom half of their hair, however, I prefer more of a balayage kind of style. You can always do your full head too, if you are brave enough. I loved this hairstyle because I didn’t need to pick only one or two colours, I could have them all! This style looks especially good with a white T-shirt to really bring out these spectrum of colours


2. Mermaid Hair

Mermaid hair has vivid hues of colour that are unique to the ‘mermaid look.’ Mine were mostly blue with a touch of pink in certain places. I loved this look because I have an unconditional love for the ocean and the colours made me feel like I belonged to the sea.


3. Fuchsia Ombré Hair

This is my current hair colour, and I’ve got to say I love it! I have more of a blue/purple hue kind of colour at the top of my head and then towards the bottom it’s more of a lighter fuchsia and even pink in some areas of my hair. I love this look for the summer and its individuality of having more of a solid colour contrast opposed to multiple colours in my hair.


Overall, I think my favourite hairstyle was the mermaid hair. What do you think?

Six Drinks From Starbucks That You’ll Love…

Are you a Starbucks fan? I mean, who isn’t! Here are my six favourite drinks from Starbucks that you have to try!


1. Dirty Chai

Do you love chai tea and coffee? Can’t decide which one? Have no fear, you can have both! A dirty chai is basically a chai tea with espresso. I usually like it with soya milk to add a more creamy flavour.

2. French Vanilla

Are you a French vanilla fan? You can ask for a Latte with a pump of vanilla and hazelnut to give your coffee a french vanilla flavour! I usually only get one pump of each because I don’t like my coffee too sweet.

3. Strawberry Acai Refresher with Lemonade or Coconut milk

If you are a fan of the normal strawberry açai refresher from Starbucks, then you’ll love adding some lemonade for a sweeter taste or coconut milk for a more creamier flavour!

4. Blonde Americano

If you just like your coffee black, or perhaps just some espresso, then I highly recommend the Blonde Americano. The blonde espresso is lighter in flavour (plus it has more caffeine, woo!) and is less acidic unlike your traditional Pike or Dark roast. In my opinion, you kind of get a hint of maple syrup, but that could just be me!

5. Java Chip Frappuccino

Personally, I am not usually a Frappuccino person; however, I absolutely LOVE the Java Chip Frappuccino! It has chocolate chips and coffee so who wouldn’t like it?

6. Nitro Cold Brew

If you love beer, then you’ll love this! This has cold brew coffee with nitrogen infused to give a creamy flavour, but BEWARE! There is LOTS of caffeine in this guy.

Side note* not all Starbucks locations have this.

These are just a few of my favourite drinks to have! If you try any, please leave a comment! I would love to know what you think of them!



Pimples, Zits, and Blemishes…Oh my!

Have you always longed for flawless skin? a pimple free face? or perhaps just a face that you could feel confident in??? Well look no further, as I have the healthiest solution for you.

Growing up, I’ve had the uttermost privilege of having a pepperoni face…yep, that’s how much I loved pizza. But in all seriousness, I grew up with lots of acne and I wanted a solution.

If you are anything like me, my face is SUPER sensitive. I grew up with horrid eczema, so whenever I used any topical ingredient for acne on my face, it would result in my face being smothered in a chemical burn from the harsh ingredients. Then, about 2 years ago, I started using an oral treatment called Skin Accumax. Accumax is essentially vitamins and vegetable derivatives that are used to target acne (and it is healthy…score!) A big company called Stogryn ended up sponsoring me to do their “100 day rest challenge” which involved taking their oral treatment twice a day and documenting it.


Below is a link to the companies’ youtube site where you can find my testimonial as well as before and after photos:

I started my journey using Skin Accumax in 2017 and I am still taking them today! Although I no longer have giant zits, I still take these supplements to keep my skin healthy and to keep blemishes at bay! #preventionisthebestsolution

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