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After a full year of crazy colours, I have decided to end 2018 with a BANG!!!!

jk, actually just wanted to end the year with a normal hair colour…finally…

After swearing off using box dye (see my blog post about Why you shouldn’t try to save money when it comes to bleaching hair) I stupidly decided to use it again. Why? because i’m a broke a$$ student so I guess that gives me a PASS on making stupid decisions – although my friends would argue otherwise.

So, what did I do?

Well I used Garnier Nutrisse Cream box dye in a dark golden brown to dye over my blonde balayage.

Apparently, because of my ashy blonde, my hair colour was stripped of its warm tones, so if I had just used any old brown box dye it could’ve turned my hair green

(yup, I was thiiiiiissssss close to messing up once again)

Which is why I used a dye with a golden undertone to put some warmth back into my hair to avoid that whole situation.

So, all in all, I went from these crazy colours: Coloured Hairstyles you NEED to Try, and DIY: how to get grandma hair to a dark golden brown – which is almost my natural hair colour.

I say almost because my hair is a Very cool dark brown, and this dye added a lot of warm tones to it, as you can see below

clearly, I should brush my hair lol

It is pretty crazy, I actually did my research this time, perhaps I did learn something???

…and this time I had no mishaps or howling stories to share of my stupidity. Thank god.

Why you shouldn’t try to save money when it comes to bleaching hair

Everyone knows that being a university student automatically entitles you to cut some corners to save money$$$

But honestly, when it comes to your hair…PLEASE DON’T!

I learnt the hard way… and I mean the real hard way.

As most of you know, I used to have an ombre fuchsia coloured hair…until I decided, well, to not.

I had this brilliant idea to to buy a package of bleach and to bleach out the fuchsia colour. My roommate stood beside me in horror as she watched me kill my hair (although she secretly was edging me on… do it, do it, DO IT)

SO what the heck happened???

Long story short, I went from thisIMG_9554


To this (my horrific $20 DIY)


and 5 horrendous hours later….


Alisha (my amazing hairdresser), turned my hot mess into a spectacular ashy brown balayage. How did she do it? BEATS ME!

Recap: you cannot cannot bleach out wild colours on your own. And if you try? it will definitely not cost 20$ but rather think about adding another 0 on the end of that 20$.


DIY: how to get grandma hair

About 2 months ago, I went from fuchsia hair to a DIY bleach job to a professional balayage: and now?

A Grey Balayage aka grandma hair

Would you believe me if I told you I went from an ashy blonde to this grey balayage for under 20$?

I used GOT 2B’s Blue Denim semi-permanent dye. It only lasts roughly 3 washes because I was unsure if I wanted it more than a week.

PSA make sure you wear gloves (peep my fingers)

It is super easy to use and you just spray it in.

Should I keep it grey? Make it permanent? Thoughts? 

So there ya have it. That’s how to get that edgy grandma look…

DIY: Customized Jean Jacket

Now that school is fast approaching, back to school wardrobe shopping is on every girl’s back to school prep list. With the fall season right around the corner, what’s better than adding a customized jean jacket to your collection?

I bought my jean jacket at Patch (a vintage store in downtown Victoria) and started drawing on it with a sharpie and adding meaningful quotes to it.

Drawing on fabric with a permanent marker may sound tough, not being able to mess up with holding a permanent marker in your hand; but have no fear – it’s a lot easier than it seems.

My customized jean jacket: an underwater theme

This DIY is something I picked up from my buddy Justin – an amazing artist! He started doodling on his jean jacket with amazing free hand drawings. I was so impressed and it looked so fun, I had to try it myself!

My faith has always been my rock throughout my live, and I wanted a daily reminder that even when things seem impossible, there is always a way through with God. That is why I decided putting one of my favourite bible quotes on the back of my jean jacket.

This DIY is actually very therapeutic for releasing stress, which is why I started doing this during midterm season in University. I started with just two jellyfish drawings on my back, and slowly started adding to it whenever I was feeling overwhelmed, or whenever I had some downtime (although you never really have downtime in university, you have to make time).

Would highly recommend trying this out! you could even do it with a friend and match! lemme know what ya think!


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