Student Struggle: affording eyelash extensions

yo waddup. I am 20, I am broke, but hey, at least my eyes look gooooooood…

Are eyelash extensions worth it?? I get asked this so often. Short answer? Heck ya! long answer? I work lots to afford them.

SO ya, I am at university, dropping $$$ on tuition and I roll up with some fake a$$ plastic on my eyes (or whatever material it is) but it is so worth it.


  • I get to snooze my alarm until 15minutes before I have to work (yup, I work at 5:30am before school almost everyday) Basically, you do not have to wake up extra early to put 4 coats of mascara on your lashes. Woo!
  • Self esteem boost. Who doesn’t like looking like a barbie doll ammmmiright?
  • 3 words: YOU. CAN. CRY!!!!!! And honestly I think I cry like 3x a week (thanks university). So as a student, it is such a relief not having to worry about the evidence of crying as black streaks down your face (if you know, you know)

Struggles? Meh, worth it

Do I pick up that extra shift at work to pay for my lashes? You bet. But I cannot emphasize enough how much easier my make up routine has gotten and how much extra shut-eye I get. So worth it.

“But Hannah! Don’t they ruin your real eyelashes?”

ok, first off honey, I have gotten my eyelashes done so many times by so many people and the answer is: you get what you pay for.

I have gone to a nail bar to get them done and when I got them removed my lashes were short ‘n stubby ‘n gross. YUCK

Now I go to this amazing gal who does them out of her home and she does a fabulous job. My lashes are still healthy and growing just fine.

Most people think lash extensions ruin their eyelashes, but most of the time (if you are going to the right people) they do not ruin your real lashes. When you get the false eyelashes removed (or yanking them out if that is how you roll) it simply looks like your eyelashes are damaged. Because think about it, your eyelashes look shorter since you are just used to looking at longgggggggggg fake eyelashes, when in reality, your real lashes are just shorter – not actually damaged.

ALL I HAVE TO SAY, is that my life is so much better and easier with my eyelash extensions and 10/10 would recommend.

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