Back to Normal

After a full year of crazy colours, I have decided to end 2018 with a BANG!!!!

jk, actually just wanted to end the year with a normal hair colour…finally…

After swearing off using box dye (see my blog post about Why you shouldn’t try to save money when it comes to bleaching hair) I stupidly decided to use it again. Why? because i’m a broke a$$ student so I guess that gives me a PASS on making stupid decisions – although my friends would argue otherwise.

So, what did I do?

Well I used Garnier Nutrisse Cream box dye in a dark golden brown to dye over my blonde balayage.

Apparently, because of my ashy blonde, my hair colour was stripped of its warm tones, so if I had just used any old brown box dye it could’ve turned my hair green

(yup, I was thiiiiiissssss close to messing up once again)

Which is why I used a dye with a golden undertone to put some warmth back into my hair to avoid that whole situation.

So, all in all, I went from these crazy colours: Coloured Hairstyles you NEED to Try, and DIY: how to get grandma hair to a dark golden brown – which is almost my natural hair colour.

I say almost because my hair is a Very cool dark brown, and this dye added a lot of warm tones to it, as you can see below

clearly, I should brush my hair lol

It is pretty crazy, I actually did my research this time, perhaps I did learn something???

…and this time I had no mishaps or howling stories to share of my stupidity. Thank god.

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