Coloured Hairstyles you NEED to Try

Are you sick of boring hair? Feeling like you need a change? Here are three coloured hairstyles that I have done, and why I love them. BTW, all of these hairstyles require bleaching your hair prior to adding colour (unless you are a natural blonde then lucky you)

1. Unicorn Hair

Unicorn hair or aka rainbow hair are multiple pastel colours that are dyed in sections or strands. Some people only put these colours towards their bottom half of their hair, however, I prefer more of a balayage kind of style. You can always do your full head too, if you are brave enough. I loved this hairstyle because I didn’t need to pick only one or two colours, I could have them all! This style looks especially good with a white T-shirt to really bring out these spectrum of colours


2. Mermaid Hair

Mermaid hair has vivid hues of colour that are unique to the ‘mermaid look.’ Mine were mostly blue with a touch of pink in certain places. I loved this look because I have an unconditional love for the ocean and the colours made me feel like I belonged to the sea.


3. Fuchsia Ombré Hair

This is my current hair colour, and I’ve got to say I love it! I have more of a blue/purple hue kind of colour at the top of my head and then towards the bottom it’s more of a lighter fuchsia and even pink in some areas of my hair. I love this look for the summer and its individuality of having more of a solid colour contrast opposed to multiple colours in my hair.


Overall, I think my favourite hairstyle was the mermaid hair. What do you think?

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