‘Must Haves’ for Living on University Residence

With school fast approaching, there is a tempestuous sense of excitement in the air, along with a fair bit of anxiousness: What do I get for school? What kind of supplies do I need? What should I expect? Well there are a few ‘must have’ items you’ll need if you are living on university residence.

Depending on if you are living in a dormitory style bedroom, or sharing a house (or cluster housing) there are a few differences in things that you’ll need to purchase. However, since I have only lived in a dormitory style bedroom, then that’s what i’ll be focusing on here today. A few beneficial things to get that really made a difference in my first year are the following:

  1. Get a mini fridge

I cannot emphasize enough how important this item is. Some university’s cafeterias are not open 24/7, so having a mini fridge to keep leftovers in, or just keeping some fresh fruit, really helps; especially if you are doing a late night study sesh and need something to munch on to keep you going.

And when I say MINI fridge, I do NOT mean buying the smallest size a fridge can come in. I made that mistake first year, and all I could fit in it was some ice cubes and a few apples, and ended up getting a new one that was much bigger. Please do yourself a favour and buy one that has a mini freezer on top (for ice cream of course) and a sizeable fridge space in the bottom. Keep in mind the fridge size restrictions for your university.

I believe mine was roundly 3.2 cubic feet, and I got mine from London Drugs. Below is a picture of my fridge.


2. Get a Kettle

Being able to make coffee, tea, or ramen noodles are not even a want anymore at university, it’s a necessity. Make sure you invest in an automatic shut off kettle so you don’t accidentally burn down your residence building.

3. Get a Water Filter

I am not sure if tap water is drinkable at your university, but mine was. However, it was still heavily chlorinated so water filters are your best friend; but make sure you get one that’s small enough to fit in your mini fridge, or else you are stuck with gross room temperature water.

Finally, don’t forget to purchase some things to also help make your room, yours. The more it feels like your room, than it’s more likely you’ll do better at living away from home. You may be surprised, but it really does make a difference.

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