What it’s Really Like to Live Alone

I often get people asking me what it is like living alone, in a new city, with barely any friends. Every time I reply with “It’s really lonely and I have no friends.” Thats an exaggeration no doubt, but however, there are definitely some pros and cons to living alone:


  1. You have your own space.

There is no one to tell you when you have to come home, you don’t need to worry about waking up your roommate at 2am. You can also walk around in your own home in a sports bra all day and not have a care in the world.

2. Safe Haven

Living alone means you start to really appreciate your home. It is a safe haven where you can let your emotions run free and know you are in a safe place. There is also the perk of not having to listen to some 19 year old boy screaming down the hall, unlike the university residence.

3. Cooking/baking

Living alone means you can cook and bake and HOG the kitchen all you want!!! With no one around to get up in my grill, I can have cookies baking in the oven and making a deluxe meal (no, I don’t mean instant noodles) at the same time and not having to worry about sharing with anyone else.

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  1. It really does get lonely

I wasn’t joking when I said it gets lonely. I am an extrovert and only having three friends (yes, only three) who live in the same city as me, really is hard. Especially, since they either all work full time jobs or have a significant other in their lives. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve face-timed my parents and bawling on the camera because I feel so alone.

2. Cleaning

You wouldn’t believe how much cleaning I do! At least once a week I need to take out a WHOLE day out of my week to clean my WHOLE home. Having a roommate and being able to split the duties would be really nice, lemme tell ya. On my cleaning day, I have to vacuum, dust, clean the washrooms, clean the bedrooms, clean the kitchen, and my least favourite; clean the fridge. Taking out everything in your fridge to wipe down all the food crumbs and spills gets really annoying.

3. Boredom

yep, I can honestly say that even with a job and chores, I get really bored. As a result, I spend WAY too much time on Netflix and binge watch a bunch of meaningless shows; which is partially why I started this blog. Gotta do something with all that free time.

To my roommate: Hurry up and please come back!

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