Pimples, Zits, and Blemishes…Oh my!

Have you always longed for flawless skin? a pimple free face? or perhaps just a face that you could feel confident in??? Well look no further, as I have the healthiest solution for you.

Growing up, I’ve had the uttermost privilege of having a pepperoni face…yep, that’s how much I loved pizza. But in all seriousness, I grew up with lots of acne and I wanted a solution.

If you are anything like me, my face is SUPER sensitive. I grew up with horrid eczema, so whenever I used any topical ingredient for acne on my face, it would result in my face being smothered in a chemical burn from the harsh ingredients. Then, about 2 years ago, I started using an oral treatment called Skin Accumax. Accumax is essentially vitamins and vegetable derivatives that are used to target acne (and it is healthy…score!) A big company called Stogryn ended up sponsoring me to do their “100 day rest challenge” which involved taking their oral treatment twice a day and documenting it.


Below is a link to the companies’ youtube site where you can find my testimonial as well as before and after photos:

I started my journey using Skin Accumax in 2017 and I am still taking them today! Although I no longer have giant zits, I still take these supplements to keep my skin healthy and to keep blemishes at bay! #preventionisthebestsolution

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